Custom Photography

Peter Becker has been a professional photographer since 1956. Starting with a loaned 5″x7″  1900 Seneca View camera and a convertible 100/200mm lens, he photographed New England  churches in his home town of Hingham, MA and sold  contact prints to enable the purchase of a Leica III C 35mm camera and 2 lenses: 50 mm f3.5 Elmar (collapsible) and a 90mm f 3.5 Elmar portrait lens. With this equipment he did both color and black and white documentation photography and portraits for various private commissions and companies he worked for in Massachusetts, Connecticut and later in New York, after undergraduate studies, as a biomedical research scientist.

He started performing expedition documentation  photography in 1968 on a 2 month oceanographic voyage across the Pacific to Alaska, Adak, Midway and the Kuril Islands for Oregon State University on the US-CGS SURVEYOR. In 1969 he went to the Antarctic on USCGC GLACIER and arround Cape Horn on the R/V HERO for Oregon State University Department of Oceanography, as  co-leader of an expedition to collect and study cryophylic algae under National Science Foundation and NASA funding. Later, between 1973 and 1990, was the expedition photographer and diver on some 25 Polar voyages and ice camps with the US Navy, US Coast Guard and University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory and Petro-Canada. More recently,  (1991-2000) he did documentation photography world wide as a doctoral student and candidate at the Center for Coastal Photography, Old Dominion University and as a post-doctoral researcher and senior scientist at the Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory of  the US Department of Energy.

Most recently his diverse photographic interests and subjects have included sports photography (Below: motorcycle road racing ( above: when he is not riding himself)) and rowing  shell racing,  commercial still life and food photography for his own aquaculture company, Little Skookum Shellfish Growers, as well as work commissioned for restaurants and culinary associations.  He is available by appointment through this www site, or  at 360-790-5770. Please see gallery page.